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News, views, reviews of theatre, music, concerts, tours,  festivals in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 
Includes an up-to-the-minute diary of live entertainment for the year ahead.


Do you want to know which plays, concerts, shows or festivals are on in our region - and when?
They’re all
here and much, much more.
If you want to catch up with the latest entertainment news, or find details of a performance, our
Hot News page lists the cast and crew for each production as it is released.
No-Nonsense Reviews page publishes an unbiased opinion the day after we’ve seen a production and the Comprehensive Diary lists booking details of every show and concert in chronological order right through to May 2019.
entertainmentgeelong.com is the
ONLY place you’ll find this service.
You’ll also find our
Awards Page that annually recognises the best talents on Geelong’s stages, judged from every production we review each calendar year.
Then there’s the
Geelong Theatre Hall of Fame which recognises outstanding contributions to our entertainment scene - and you can nominate candidates.
So take a look around, the entertainmentgeelong.com website is Geelong’s go-to accurate source of theatre and music information.

It’s designed to be easy to use and plan ahead if you’re coming to our region - or to keep up to date if you’re lucky enough to live here.

entertainmentgeelong.com is available 24/7 and it’s completely, proudly, gloriously cost and commercial free.